Oeraelia is where known history starts. It is the first kingdom of the sentient, but before it’s establishment as a nation it was a desperate land. Survival was the primary focus of all the races, and the desperate struggle against the swarm, at times, faltered.

As times passed, however, the sentient were able to strengthen their fort-hamlets into places to rest securely. And after a long, dark century, the races claimed Oeraelia as theirs, and what was desperate survival became staunch defense.

Oeraelia’s terrain is mainly rolling plains, possessing, by far, the largest amount of farm-able land of all the Five Kingdoms. It’s fertile fields provide plenty of sustenance for it’s people, and over half of the crops produced here are exported to the other four Kingdoms.

Contending the plains as the dominant terrain is the Cerulean Sea, a fresh-water body of water. This is the only sea that the people of the Five Kingdoms can sail, and is only one of two seas known. The Cerulean Sea offers it own resources for the people of the Five Kingdoms, and while it rests within the Oeraelian borders, all are welcome to come and help harvest the riches from it’s clear blue waters.

Around the Cerulean Sea, and along the perimeter of nations border with The Black Mountains, are various woodlands, and commonly swamps and moors. The land near The Black Mountains are considered dangerous, and are avoided by most people. The forests and wetlands around the sea, however, are havens for various races, and most are well kept and populated.

Towards the Ravenost border, on the North West of the country, the Ravenesti Forest spills into the realm, in varying densities. This border area holds several dozen communities that deal in small scale inter-kingdom trade and lumber.

Oeraelia is also the only kingdom of the five with The Black Mountains on three of it’s sides, instead of two, and this country is hit by Swarm Storms more often than the other kingdoms. It’s because of this, that the Swarm Garrisons were first engineered, tested and proved in Oeraelia.

Because of the greater number of Swarm Storms the country endures yearly, and it’s production of much of the food wares needed by the other countries, more young come to Oeraelia to be blooded than any other Kingdom.

Oeraelia is a kingdom without a king. Since King Morell’s (natural) death, no one has laid claim to the throne. The kingship is not guaranteed to King Morell’s son, Prince Gabriel. Until a king ascends to the throne, Oeraelia is ruled by the stewardship of Prince Gabriel Dubosc and Lady Isabella Weston.

Both are qualified to ascend to the throne, but Oeraelian law requires a King and a Queen. Prince Gabriel is currently handling Oeraelian foreign relations, and Lady Isabella has been holding Oeraelia in good keeping domestically. Both are also in good favor within their purview of stewardship, but there is virtually no chance the two will marry each other, even in order to claim true ruler-ship of their country.


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