Part Two

CR = Average Player Level (APL) +1.

Marsh Terrain
Becoming Lost – Survival check (DC 20)

Recognizing you are lost – Survival check (DC 20, -1/hour of random travel)

Setting a new course – Survival check (DC 15, +2/hour of random travel)


Shallow Bog – mud or standing water up to 1’ deep. It cost 2 squares of movement to move INTO a shallow bog, and the DC of Acrobatics checks increase by 2.

Deep Bog – has roughly 4’ of standing water. It costs Medium or larger creatures 4 squares of movement to move INTO a square of deep bog, or characters can swim if they wish. Small or smaller creatures must swim.

The water in a deep bog provides cover for medium or larger creatures. Smaller creatures gain improved cover (+8 AC, +4 reflexes). Medium or larger creatures can crouch as a move action to gain improved cover. Creatures with improved cover take a -10 penalty on attacks against creatures that aren’t underwater.

Both types of bogs increase the DC of Stealth checks by 2.
Undergrowth: Areas of vines, roots, and short bushes covering the ground.

Light Undergrowth – A space covered in light undergrowth costs 2 squares of movement to move INTO, and provides concealment (20%). The DC of Acrobatics and Stealth checks increase by 2.

Heavy Undergrowth – costs 4 squares of movement to move into and provides concealment (30%). The DC of Acrobatics checks (and Stealth checks involving movement) increase by 5. Stealth checks that don’t involve movement gain a +5 circumstance bonus to the roll. Running and charging are impossible.

Hedgerows: tangles of stones, soil, and thorny bushes. Narrow hedgerows function as low walls and require 3 squares of movement to cross them. Wide hedgerows are more than 5’ tall and take up entire squares. They provide total cover, and cost 4 squares of movement to move through. Creatures that succeed on a Climb (DC 10) check only use 2 squares of movement.

The maximum distance for Perception checks in a swamp is 20’ – 160’ (80’ average).

Part Two

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