Ravenost is a forest-kingdom. It’s thick woodlands gradually thin well past the borders of Oeraelia to the south east. The mountains of Rokugan spill into the north west borders of Ravenost, most of these mountains are low, and blanketed by forests.

Ravenost is the second kingdom claimed by the sentient. It’s lush forests provided an ample source of lumber to Oeraelia, providing another material for building and fortification.

Ravenost is separated by the Black Mountains by large rivers that come down the Ielan mountains and flow to the Cerulean Sea.

As you travel from Oeraelia into the Ravenost the forest thickens. At the foot of the Rokugan mountains, conifers mix with deciduous, and eventually, at the foot of Ielan give way entirely to deciduous woodlands.

At the heart of the forest is the Emerald Lake, surpassed in size only by the Cerulean Sea. Many of the sentient that live in Ravenost make their homes near the Emerald Lake. Many sentient that live here are nomadic.

The Ravenesti Forest holds many wonders and secrets, some, even in the short history of the known world have been lost.


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