Swarm Garrisons

Swarm Garrisons are specially constructed, fortified structures, build specifically to battle The Swarm. They were devised by Prince Gabriel Dubosc and a team of engineers, mages and priests.

There are two key factors in the design of a Swarm Garrison. The First, and most important is the Lure. The Lure starts with a single drop of blood, from a sentient being, mixed with a bucket of fresh milk. Mages then cast special magics to transform the contents of the bucket into vaporous tendrils that travel out to the edge of The Black Mountains as a Swarm Storm approaches. The vapor brings in the Swarm traveling with a particular storm.

The Second are two walls that ‘v’ to a large pit, facing The Black Mountains. As the Swarm seek out the bucket, they are funneled into the ‘v’ and the pit.
The walls are typically built with large spikes around it’s perimeter to keep the Swarm off of it. The walls have halls on the inside, usually two stories tall, with multiple murder-holes for archers and casters to rain death on the Swarm.

The pit is set alight with magical fire, consuming anything that falls into it.

Occasionally, swarms are too large for the walls of a garrison to contain entirely, and they can spill over, around the walls. It is here the Swarm is met with personal battle as warriors, rogues, wizards and priests all work together to keep the Swarm from bypassing a garrison, and making their way deeper into a kingdom.

Garrisons are usually built with murder-holes on all sides to allow archers are casters to assist in defeating spill-over without placing the ranged assault in harms way.

Garrisons usually include barracks, kitchens, smiths, infirmaries, a general store, lodging quarters, personal quarters for garrison administration, and separate quarters and a library for casters, and a single general purpose church. Garrisons serve as stations of official soldiers of a kingdom as well, and may serve additional purposes, depending on the needs of it’s location and situation.

Swarm Garrisons

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