The Swarm

All lands and seas not of The Five Kingdoms are overran with The Swarm. The creatures in the ocean off the coast of Ashram are reportedly large enough to bring down the largest of ships, but they, fortunately, appear bound to the waters. Ashram has abandoned hopes of ocean travel.

The Black Mountains are home to The Swarm that are mobile on land. It’s these creatures that follow the storms onto our lands.

The Swarm of The Black Mountains come in 3 known varieties; but they are all of similar mind. They are single-mindedly focuses on destroying all life. All types of Swarm devour any living thing they can, but they don’t appear to gain sustenance from the eating, in as much as the destroying. We know they have an intelligence, but theirs are alien minds of madness. They cannot be reasoned with, but their single-mindedness can be used against them to great effect and are easily led into deadly traps. Each has been named after every epitaph and curse the sentient races know, but they are commonly referred to as;

The Crawlers: These are the most numerous. Every storm brings dozens, occasionally hundreds of these down from the mountains. Individually they are the least dangerous. They crawl around on 4 limbs that end in vicious claws. They stand around 4’ high, on all 4 legs.

The Shriekers: These creatures stand 7’ or more in height. They seem to lumber around, almost confused, until they get close to living creatures of the Five Kingdoms, then they became focused, and attack everything viciously. Once they sense us, they will begin screaming, and won’t quit until they are killed. A single Shrieker is a threat to anyone, their claws capable of cutting a common man in half. Their maws seem to be designed more for maiming than eating. Storms will bring at least a handful of these creatures with it, but sometimes number up into the dozens.

Walkers: Are the most dangerous of The Swarm, and every storm bring at least of of them. Walkers lumber along, reaching down with their tentacles around it’s head, or along its underbelly. Then tentacles have mouths of their own, and teeth and claws to devour. The tentacles also secrete a highly corrosive slime that melts away anything it comes into contacts with. Walkers seem indiscriminate in there meandering gait, seeming content to let their tentacles sweep the area below them, snatching up anything unlucky enough to get caught. Despite the mouths on the ends of the tentacles, those caught are pulled up to either the mouth at the head of this creature, or into a great maw the runs the length of it’s belly. When walkers are knocked over, the belly maw will rip itself out of the body of this creature, and squirm around continuing it’s never-ending feast.
Walkers stand over 50’ tall, and larger storms will bring a number of these out at a time.

The Swarm

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